Prenatal Massage

Real therapy for Mama! Pregnancy can be a woman's chance to take extra care of her body and be pampered as she prepares to give birth. One way to get that special TLC during pregnancy is to have a prenatal massage at Mantis Massage in Austin.

Prenatal massage therapy is the perfect opportunity to alleviate the stress and pain that a woman can experience during pregnancy. Most places will only do spa-like therapies or very gentle treatment. Here, we know how hard pregnancy can be on your body. During your prenatal massage therapy at Mantis Massage Austin, we'll work with you to make sure we get you in to a comfortable position and then meet your needs with whichever combination of therapies suit your comfort level.


Besides alleviating stress and pain, there are many benefits of receiving prenatal massage therapy:

  • decrease in anxiety about the health of the baby and the mother
  • better sleep because the body feels good after the massage
  • reduction in leg and back pain from the weight of the growing baby
  • feeling good mentally due to an increase dopamine and serotonin

With permission from a medical professional, women can get prenatal massage therapy throughout the stages of her pregnancy. Consent from a medical professional is very important so that the therapist can accommodate the needs of their clients. Medical professionals often allow their patients to receive prenatal massage therapy during their 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Massage Basics

The most common used form of massage on pregnant women is referred to as Clinical Prenatal Massage. This type of massage applies a gentle touch to the skin During a prenatal massage, the massage therapist will use light strokes to knead about the muscles and tissues that have been overburden by the pregnancy.

Massage therapists with special training in prenatal massage utilize proper positioning methods that are tailored to their clients needs. The therapist will assess what type of positioning is best to provide safety and comfort for the mom and baby. In addition to find the best position, the therapist will use supportive pillows to help make mom and baby more comfortable.