Sports Massage in Austin

Can I get a massage before I play my 2 soccer games on Sunday?  I’m running a marathon in a few months, should massage be part of my training?  I work out 3-7 times a week, how do I prevent injury? I rock climb and work at a desk, my fingers are going numb, what should I do?  

YES YES YES, come in for massage!!!! These are things we hear every day, this is what we’ve been trying to tell ya’ll.  Massage should be part of your routine.  We know the muscle that will help your IT band release, we know how to get that spot IN your shoulder that you can’t figure out.  Muscle manipulation is great for getting lactic acid, as well as other toxins, to move through your system faster, and get fresh bloodflowing.  Wait, should we go on?  We will if you ask us when you come in!