Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Austin

Our body is made of layers of muscles, that’s muscles on top of muscles! Our specialty, deep tissue massage focuses on targeting those deeper layers of muscles to relieve muscle pain. Deep tissue massage is similar to those more classic massages except the difference is that with deep tissue massages, more pressure is applied to concentrated areas of tension. This more intense pressure helps target the deeper layers of the muscles where pain is manifesting.

Deep Tissue massage is designed to target each layer of tissue separately for ultimate tension relief. Our deep tissue massage helps relieve chronic pain from leg muscle tightness, stiff neck, sore shoulders, upper back pain, and low back strain. When coming in to your deep tissue massage appointment at Mantis Massage in Austin, all you need to do is relax and let us do the rest.

We begin our deep tissue massage therapy by using myofascial release techniques to target the fascia. (Visit our blog post about fascia to learn more about this connective tissue.) We then work into the top layer of muscle tissue to release adhesions, strip scar tissue, and activate origination and insertion site using trigger point therapy. We can then begin to work into the belly of the muscles to elongate the muscle strands and create space between the muscle attachment sites.

We may also find additional trigger points, fascial adhesions, and scar tissue here to strip out. Some of the benefits that come with deep tissue massage therapy are that it offers stress relief, eases pain, increases joint movement, improves posture, and lowers heart rate and blood pressure. After your deep tissue massage here at Mantis Massage in Austin, you'll leave feeling taller, looser, and generally more spaghetti like.

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