Sports Massage in Austin

If you are into sports, you probably know the pleasure that comes from a well-thrown pass or a first-place leap over the finish line. Those are the fun times. However, participating in a sport, whether as a professional or a weekend amateur, can also involve the times that are not so much fun. You may experience the pain that comes from an over-used and over-stressed part of the body. If so, you are the perfect candidate for our sports massage therapy, which focuses on the discomfort that can come from your particular activity.

We use everything in our toolbox! Your sports therapy needs may be for recovery, maintenance, location-specific injuries, or chronic soreness. We combine all of our techniques to make sure that we're attending to the right spots, with the right approach. This sports massage therapy will often include movement and client interaction. You probably won't just be lying on your stomach the whole time. We may have you side-lying, sitting up, maybe even with your neck hanging off the table. Whatever we need to do to manipulate those sore spots!

Whatever your sports activity, sports massage should be a part of your training program. It is designed to make your pre-event warm up easier and your post-event recovery time shorter. Sports massage will make your body more flexible and your endurance time longer. It can give you the ability to perform at your top level, whatever your sport or activity.

If you enjoy of Austin's active lifestyle, no matter which sport or activity and no matter how good or poor you are, sports massage therapy can ease the pain and stiffness that is often a result. If you are into sports and in the Austin area, contact us because we can make you feel better, and that is bound to lead to better performance -- no matter what game you play.