Kyra, Advanced LMT, Owner.

I'm Kyra, owner and therapist at Mantis Massage.  I began studying massage therapy at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona in 2007.  Since then, I've worked for many different venues practicing clinical Deep-Tissue and spa rejuvenation therapy. At just under 5 feet and barely 100 pounds, I've brought grown men to tears.  So if you're looking for someone that can really get into those sore spots, I'm your gal!


Monica, Advanced LMT, Lead Therapist.

As a yoga teacher also, I approach a massage the same way I would a yoga class. I start with your area of tension and then I flow through the body to find any connected tension patterns-or new ones! I dig where I need to dig and I coax where you may need a gentler approach. If you prefer a lighter touch while still receiving the benefits of deep tissue work, try a cranial sacral session with me!

I also specialize in Lymphatic Drainage massage so if you've recently had surgery or are just looking to rid your body of some toxins then I'm here for you!


Taylor, LMT.

Super strong and majorly therapeutic! Do you sit at a desk? Are your shoulders seemingly fused to your ears? Does your posture resemble that of a turtle? Well, then do we have the therapist for you! Her name is Taylor and she is a pro at working out neck and shoulder tension. She goes in with super deep broad pressure to break down locked up muscles and then smooths out achy tissues with fluid motions. Sometimes clinical work can be uncomfortable, but Taylor maintains a level of deep relaxation throughout every session.


Melanie, LMT.

Melanie’s main goal is to make you feel at home in your body again. She draws on her vast well of experience as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, and personal trainer to create a holistic session centered on her client’s specific needs. Her varied background grants her a greater understanding of anatomy in regards to structural integration and postural realignment. Having started practicing massage therapy in 2003, she has amassed years of experience as a therapist, working on a variety of clients from professional athletes to people with chronic disease or acute injuries to elders. Whatever your individual needs, Melanie has the tools to get you functioning at your best! 


Kelsey, Advanced LMT.

Kelsey's the kind of therapist you go to when you need to RELAX and you just can't do it yourself. When she's working on you, you have no choice but to stop stressing and become one with the massage. Kelsey pushes down into your muscles and flattens out the knots residing deep in your musculature. Her deep, soothing work along with her personable approach make her a perfect fit for clients who need a little extra care!


Kendra, LMT.

The second you meet Kendra, you feel instantly comforted- instantly at ease and able to trust that you've found a therapist who's invested in your well-being and recovery. Her empathetic nature comes through as she's working on you in the way she orients the massage around areas of the body that take the biggest hits, such as feet, quads, and the neck. Kendra incorporates stretching and deep compressions to get at muscles from all different angles and to find the best way to approach pain without causing unnecessary discomfort. If you're looking for someone to provide deep therapeutic work and long-lasting relief, your search is over.


Liz, Advanced LMT.

Liz gets deep into your sensitive, tender areas without making you flinch away so you get a therapeutic deep tissue massage while still being able to zone out on the table. Despite her ultra soothing style, Liz can and will destroy your glutes and hips; utilizing stretching techniques while trigger pointing to restore your full range of motion. For less invasive and highly effective treatment, book a craniosacral session! It helps to bolster your immune system and brings your central nervous system to its optimal level.

Also, she loves prenatal work so send all those with a baby gestating inside their womb her way!


Ali, LMT.

Ali's massage style is deceptively relaxing. She starts out with rocking compressions and stretches to test which muscles are the tightest and most resistant to movement. From there, Ali works deep into your muscles with fluid, rolling motions that follow the lines of the body. When she finds a knot, she focuses in to strip them out and carves out space for bunched up muscles and fascia to reset into their natural position. Her sessions are the kind where 15 minutes in, you'll wish you'd booked something longer (even if you were already scheduled for a 120 minute).


Khammi, LMT.

Dense tissue, tight fascia, and knotted muscles are no match for Khammi! Her approach is naturally very, VERY deep, making her the therapist to see if you need a serious overhaul. Khammi first briskly warms the tissue and strategically uses cupping on tough areas to increase blood flow as well as lift the fascia, which makes the muscles more receptive to massage. With super deep, highly-focused pressure, she's able to strip out the most deep-seated knots and release your muscles from where they've tightened in on themselves. And she's in school for yoga therapy, which brings a unique awareness of the body to her sessions.


Ann Marie, Advanced LMT.

Ann Marie is one of those therapists you can confidently recommend to any client for anything. With almost ten years of experience working with people of all ages in recovery from various types of trauma as well as those stressed out individuals who just need a healthy dose of relaxation, Ann Marie has her massage therapy skills on lock. Her communicative, empathetic style paired with super deep pressure makes for what some people call the perfect massage. It feels like she's pulling every knot and ounce of tension from your body to leave behind rehabilitated muscles.


Kalli, Advanced LMT.

Kalli is currently not taking on any new clients! Health and fitness are a serious passion for this gal -- she goes on jogs between sessions! Getting people to their optimum health and functioning are her main concerns in sessions, but it all depends on the client. Kalli can rip up your muscles and rebuild them or let you zone out for a relaxing, Swedish massage. She loves helping people feel comfortable on the table and in their bodies. Kalli encourages clients to speak up about their experience during a session: "Never apologize for me making you feel pain."


Frankie, LMT.

Frankie operates from a mind/body perspective during her sessions. She utilizes super deep pressure as she wrings knots out of your muscles while also working to help clients reconnect with their bodies so as to be more mindful of their movements. With neuromuscular therapy, trigger point, and myofascial release techniques all in her tool belt, Frankie unleashes deep-rooted tension. 



Lauren, LMT

Did you know that sitting and standing are both bad for your legs? There’s just no way to avoid tight quads and calves. Lucky for you, Lauren is one of our leg experts- or leg-perts, if you will! She frequently works with runners and knows how to navigate those sensitive/touchy muscles without making you tense up. With flowing, fluid motions and myofascial pulls, Lauren releases locked up muscles. Lauren also does fantastic neck and forearm work so if you spend lots of time on your phone or typing at a computer, she’s your gal!


Julia, LMT.

Think you're beyond repair? Well, think again!

With Julia working on you, you can say goodbye to locked in tension and hello to rehabilitated muscles. Julia gets deep into your tissue and hones in on problem areas with hyper-focused pressure, not letting up until even the densest tissue goes slack. Julia also uses creative cupping techniques to release sticky fascia as well as those knots that are just buried in your muscles. For reparative therapy and good hurts, book with Julia!


Becky, LMT.

Sessions with Becky are perfect for those days when you just need to shut your brain off and relax. Becky takes her time working out knots, thoroughly and slowly, by using a mix of broad and focused pressure. She strips muscles in the limbs to offer relief for tense, overworked muscles and elongates dense, bunched up tissues. It’s like your muscles are a ball of clay and Becky is pulling and smoothing it out so that it lays flat. By the time you hop off the table, all the tension will be drained from your body and your brain will be mush. Guaranteed. 


Sandra, LMT.

Sandra: the Swiss Army Knife of massage therapists. 

You know those stubborn knots that seem to be a permanent part of your musculature? Not so with Sandra on the case! She's super adaptable to any chronic pain, sore spots, or injury that a client may come in with and always finds a way to zero in on problem areas. Sandra's a big fan of working out those small muscles in hands and feet that suffer from so much daily wear and tear, but she can find releases anywhere.



Linn, LMT.

If you're experiencing chronic pain, then we have the therapist for you! Linn is a highly experienced massage therapist with a background in Eastern Medicine, giving her a holistic, intuitive approach. With her main focus being structural integration- AKA putting things back where they should be in your body- your session is geared towards non-stop releases. She of course adjusts the pressure to suit the client, but can work EXTREMELY deep so you'll never have to worry about not getting the intensity your muscles need to let go. 



Rosalyn, Advanced LMT.

A massage with Rosalyn hits the reset button on your body. Rosalyn pulls and elongates your extremities to follow the full line of your body so that she can find where your pain starts as well as how it's inhibiting your movements. It's like Rosalyn is communicating with your muscles as she traces tension patterns and trigger points at the heart of your discomfort. She shines at detail work- rolling her knuckles into your tissue to work out persistent knots and then gliding back across to soothe the fibers and fascia she's broken up. For some clinical relaxation and restoration, try Rosalyn! 



Becca, LMT.

Deep, deep, deep! Becca has rock-climber strength that she uses to push through knotted, dense tissue. As both a yoga instructor and an LMT, Becca brings the same mindfulness that she cultivates in each of her yoga classes into her massage sessions. With a talent for finding sneaky areas of tension, she gives extra attention to problem areas while balancing the rest of the body out with proper work. And Becca is a Douala and teaches pregnancy yoga, so she's the most knowledgeable person you could see for prenatal work!


Lindsay D, Advanced LMT.

Lindsay is super thorough; leaving no tissue unturned! She hunts down tension like a wolf on the prowl- she even uses all four limbs! As an Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage practitioner, she uses both the broad tool of her feet and the specific tool of her hands and elbows to deliver that DEEP deep depths of the ocean DEEP!  Long, broad, deep strokes from head to toe and deep sustained compressions release adhesions, trigger points and chronic holding patterns of movement, encouraging your body’s natural healing potential. Looking for the perfect marriage between relaxation and profound deep work?  Come meet Lindsay!


Lindsay B, Office Superhero.

This is Lindsay! We like to say that she takes care of everything aside from the actual massaging people part of the business. You might recognize her from speaking with her on the phone or seeing her scurry around our offices. Lindsay handles much of our heavy duty tasks, pens all communications, and just generally helps out however is needed.