Drunk Anatomy

Hours keep slipping away today and I can't concentrate to save my life! This is probably going to be very scattered! There, I warned you so now you can't be mad at me. Don't come crawling into my comment section about a lack of "coherency" and "logic," okay? You have been forewarned! (I'm kidding, I would love feedback as long as it's constructive. One time someone called this here blog "worthless crap" and I felt like a soggy shoe. I mean, don't pity me because I get paid to write these and that's amazing, but, like, what is that supposed to do other than make me feel bad? TL; DR: I am fortunate but also vulnerable like a young starlet. Jeezy Creezy, this is so self-indulgent, why aren't MORE of you mean to me??)

The muscle of the week is the anconeus muscle! It sounds like a stone or something, right? Like something your counter top could be made out of? Well, it's not and I wish you would take this seriously for once.

That was basically entrapment.

You need to brush up on your legal jargon because that is not the case--pun intended, deal with it. The anconeus muscle is a teeny little strip of a muscle located on the top of the elbow joint going into the forearm.

Some people, who are wrong, think it's part of the triceps brachi, but, again, they are wrong. Some other people, who, you guessed it, are also wrong, think it's a part of a pack of forearm muscles, which is completely disregarding its function and the very existence of the elbow!

Just because it's not as flashy as the hand or as bumpy as the biceps doesn't mean it's not worthwhile!

Your arm wouldn't be the arm you know and love? Tolerate? Are accustomed to? if you were sans elbow and elbow joint.

Do you over identify with this muscle or something? Is that why you're so defensive rn?

Do I over identify with something small whose identity is often erased? You bet your ass I do!

The anconeus muscle helps to extend the elbow, which should come as no surprise because it's in the elbow and not the biceps or forearm. You're using your anconeus muscle when you play tennis; do some choreo; hold your arms out to allow someone to jump into them; when you shoot hoops; when you pretend to be a mummy for Halloween because all you have is toilet paper and no imagination; when you drive; when you're reaching; when you're doing certain swim strokes, techniques or whatever you call them; and then also other times but you get the idea!

It seems like you've been having a hard time coming up with examples these past few weeks.

Maybe I have and maybe I HAVE.

Now you know I'm going to hint at getting a massage for any anconeus and elbow tension you feel, but I want to extra hint at that because our prices will be increasing on September 6th (2016- IDK when you're reading this) so now's a good time to make an appointment! I believe we still have openings before then!

Here's a stretch you can do from home if you just can't wait: fully extend your arm and with your opposite hand pull down your palm so your fingers are pointing to the ground or sky. You can turn your arm either way and it'll hit different muscles, but again, go get a massage!

Lindsay is the Communications Maven at Mantis Massage. She knows essentially zilch about massage therapy other than that it feels real nice. Lindsay might maybe possibly definitely be inebriated for these discussions, but who's to say?