Prenatal Massage Therapy in Austin

Pregnancy is an incredible experience, but unfortunately it does take a heavy toll on our bodies. Our prenatal massages act to not only provide deep relaxation, but also safely provide postural adjustments, pain relief, and total body support for expecting mothers.

What is Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massages are a specialized style of massage that can address the various challenges of a mother’s changing body. It not only provides much-needed rest and relaxation, but this form of massage therapy can improve your health during pregnancy and encourage healthy fetal development.

At Mantis Massage, our therapists are knowledgeable about all the ins-and-outs of pregnancy health and how to best use massage to address your unique experience.

Health Benefits of Prenatal Massage

The benefits of prenatal massage are extensive. Just like general massage therapy, prenatal massage helps to soothe and release tension, as well as relieve stress. But there are many more benefits specifically for mother and child.

Improves Pain and Tension
Pregnancy can put a substantial physical strain on the body. It’s normal to start to experience muscle cramps, tension, tightness, and weakness as your body changes with your baby’s growth. Massage is a safe and relaxing way to relieve this pain to help you transition in the most comfortable way. Consider a prenatal massage for neck tension, sciatic pain, back pain, round ligament pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, foot and ankle pain, or general discomfort.

Reduces Swelling and Nerve Pain
Swelling is a common phenomenon in pregnancy. Increased blood volume and a heavy uterus put extra pressure on the blood vessels, allowing for swelling and lymph back-up. Some women may notice swelling over their whole bodies, or in more specific regions like their face, hands, or lower legs.

While this swelling is normal, it can cause trouble for some women. When swelling occurs in the upper body, it may result in issues like carpal tunnel syndrome or hand pain. In the lower body, it can affect the sciatic nerve (causing sciatica), knees, ankles, and feet. Massage works to relieve this swelling by improving lymph drainage and encouraging the elimination of this extra fluid. In turn, this releases the pressure on the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues, thereby relieving pain.

Relieves Stress and Fatigue
Massage is well known for its ability to help us relax and recharge. There may be no more important time for a little extra rest than in the midst of pregnancy. Your body undergoes a massive amount of change; it creates blood, tissue, and life all in a few short months. If you are pregnant and tired, there’s a good reason.

Stress is also a common component in pregnancy, but it can negatively impact your physical and mental health. A prenatal massage can help to physically relax the body and relieve stress from the mind.

Settles Anxiety and Depression
Motherhood comes with its own special emotional hardships. While the joy of your new baby is worth every tear, there’s no reason to suffer through anxiety or depression during your pregnancy or after delivery.

Anxiety is a common complaint for women, especially during their first pregnancy. Each stage is new and comes with a set of risks and challenges. Massage can help to relax the mind, reduce anxious muscular tension, and settle a racing heart.

Depression can be situational (derived from worry or fear about the pregnancy), or due to a hormone imbalance caused by fluctuations in hormones during pregnancy. Massage releases mental anxieties, as well as balances the hormones. With regular sessions, massage can reduce stress hormones, like cortisol and norepinephrine, while increasing feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

Health Benefits for Your Child
When you are relaxed, your baby will be relaxed, so treating yourself to massage makes for a happy pair. Additionally, the increase in blood flow to the womb nourishes and stimulates the baby’s development.

Improves Labor and Delivery
Studies conducted on the use of massage in labor stimulation have shown that it can be a useful therapy in reducing labor pain. This can help to delay the use of epidural analgesia or act as an alternate means of pain relief for women hoping to go through childbirth without the use of analgesics. The power of massage in labor and delivery also lies in its innate ability to relax and release, which allows the woman to release internal tensions that may be preventing labor from moving forward.

Is Prenatal Massage Safe?

Absolutely. Prenatal massage is one of the safest therapies you can enjoy during your pregnancy when performed by a trained therapist. However, we always advise patients to check in with their obstetrician for a “go-ahead” before starting massage therapy. It’s also important to let your massage therapist know that you are pregnant – prenatal massage can differ from regular massage, and we want to support you in every possible way.

You can start your prenatal massages at any time during your pregnancy, although it is typically recommended to wait until after your first trimester. Different techniques may be used in different trimesters to address your specific needs and the stage of your pregnancy. For a holistic pregnancy journey, incorporate massage into your schedule every month. As you approach delivery, or if you are experiencing pain or other pregnancy-related issues, we may suggest a different timing strategy.

When can I Start?

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