Sports Massage Therapy in Austin

Here at Mantis, our massage therapists are experts in all types of athletic and sports massage. From manipulating specific muscles for IT band release, helping lactic acid (and other toxins) to move through your system faster, to getting your blood flowing, our massage therapists are experts in all things involving sports and athletic massages.

If you need to recover from an injury or improve your physical performance, consider the benefits of professional sports massage therapy.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a specialized form of massage that is dedicated to helping athletes and active individuals achieve their highest aims – naturally and safely. We use sports therapy massage to improve our patients’ performance and heal from injuries. It’s is one of our best tools in combatting postural issues and setting our patients up to do the very best they can in their activities and just on the daily run. Mantis Massage is proud to be one of the top Sports Massage clinics in Austin.

How is Sports Massage Different from Deep Tissue Massage?

Sports massage and sports therapy are specifically geared to heal the active body. Dedicated attention is placed on the flexibility of soft tissue, cartilage, and fascia. We design our massages to correct functional issues and relive the repetitive stresses that are so common in athletes.

Deep tissue looks at adhesions, bands, and knots all along the body. A deep-tissue massage may be concerned with a certain area of pain, or a whole-body release. Sports massage takes these things into account as well, but also focuses on the necessary biomechanics of the body for the person’s chosen sport or common activities. We may dive deeper into certain areas to help improve range of motion, flexibility, or strength.

What are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

Just like other types of massage, sports massage is the perfect addition to any training or fitness schedule. Sports massage helps the body to restore, recover, and repair, all while improving our performance and keeping us in tip-top shape.

Increases Blood Flow and Improves Muscle Performance
Massage is well-known to improve blood flow through the muscles and the internal organ system as well. When dedicated sports massage techniques are used, this effect can target specific areas of need to improve health, strength, flexibility, and overall performance.

Improves Posture
You don’t have to be a dedicated athlete to need the posture-enhancing effects of therapeutic sports massage. Repetitive movements that are common in certain sports will eventually influence our posture. The same is true for the repetitive actions in our day-to-day lives. Consider how much time you sit at your desk, slump, carry bags or children, or your sleep posture. The techniques used in sports therapy massage can help to return the body to its natural frame, improving posture for sports performance or general life.

Recovery and Prevention
One of the best benefits of sports massage is its ability to heal injuries new and old while also preventing future injuries. A well-oiled machine is less likely to break down or suffer largely from little obstacles. At Mantis Massage, we believe prevention is the best medicine!

Pre and Post Event Support
If your sport requires extensive training (such as marathon running) or has big game or performance days, sports massage is an excellent way to prepare, then repair. Our therapists are knowledgeable in the proper techniques to use pre-event and post-event to make sure you perform your very best and avoid injury.

What does a Sports Massage Feel Like?

Different types of massage techniques can be used in sports massage to best heal and support the musculoskeletal system. Based on your body’s needs and the athletic activities that you enjoy, we will tailor each sports massage for you. Although many of these techniques are like those used in other forms of massage, they may be applied slightly differently to best suit you and your sport.

Much of sports massage is based on stretching, kneading, releasing, and compressing the muscles and joints. Slow and deep stroking movements are used to warm up tense muscles and improving range of motion. Myofascial release may be used to help achieve a deeper effect or to heal long-chain regions of tension. Cross-fiber friction is used for clearing any biomechanical stress. We may use deep pressure to release knots or adhesions to allow the muscles to fully operate to their best ability. Overall, sports massage is an enjoyable experience, but be prepared to dig deep!

Who Needs a Sports Massage?

It is actually a common misconception that only high-performing athletes need sports massage. In fact, anyone who maintains a relatively active life or participates in any kind of sport or athletic hobby will benefit from a focused sports massage. The techniques we use here at Mantis Massage are geared towards rehabilitating tired or overused muscles, strained tendons, and sore joints. We focus on reestablishing a health flow of blood throughout the body so that you not only heal from injury but achieve better results in your performance – whether that’s on the field, on the mat, in the gym, or just down your street.

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Whether you are one of Austin’s amazing professional athletes or an occasional sport enthusiast, it’s time to make massage part of your routine. Consistent sports massage therapy will help maintain physical health, improve physical performance, and enable you to continue doing the activities you love. Get in touch with our Austin massage therapists today!