Swedish Massage Therapy in Austin

While Deep Tissue massages are our specialty, Swedish massage therapy is perfect for those who may want a lighter touch. Swedish massage is the typical form of massage therapy that comes to mind when considering massages, and the pressure can be easily adapted to suit your specific desires. While it is best known for its relaxing properties, Swedish massages are also beneficial for improving circulation, releasing toxins, and relaxing sore muscles. 

 Our expert massage therapists know how to make the most out of your Swedish massage session and will happily adjust pressure and force to suit your individual needs.

Health Benefits of Swedish Massage Therapy

Massages are renowned for stimulating muscles and increasing blood flow, but Swedish massages are a healing modality for a number of specific issues, including:

Relieving Chronic Pain
Pain conditions often respond well to massage. Not only can massage help to relieve pain, but it can also relax the muscles, stimulate blood flow to the tendons and joints, and improve general circulation in the body. This helps to heal injuries faster and repair the body from overuse. Conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, and more will benefit from a course of massage therapy.

Swedish massages are incredibly stress-relieving, even more so than other forms of massage. Most people leave a massage therapy session feeling a profound sense of wellbeing and an uplifted mood. This effect can improve over time with regular massages, leading to a healthier body, better moods, and an improved reaction to stressors.

Headaches and Migraines
Whether your headaches are occasional or impact your life, work, and relationships severely, Swedish massage therapy may be able to help relieve underlying tension to reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches. The relaxing capabilities may also offer some relief from persistent migraines, and continued stress relief may reduce the frequency of these headaches.

Immune System Support
Because massage helps to flush the lymph system, they can assist in an autoimmune “refresh.” Regular massage therapy can keep your immune system healthy and strong while detoxifying your blood and invigorating your muscles. These benefits help to improve the look and feel of your skin, prevent illness, keep your body limber, and boost your mood.

What to Expect from Swedish Massage Therapy

At Mantis Massage in Austin, we take great care to create a healing, comfortable, and relaxing experience for our clients.

Techniques for Swedish massage often include long, sweeping strokes along muscle pathways, kneading muscle work, rhythmic tapping, rubbing, friction, vibration, and other movements. Swedish massage therapists use a variety of these techniques depending on the part of the body and your specific concerns, as well as your preference for pressure. An individualized approach allows us to help you get back on track with your wellness goals.

Does Swedish Massage Hurt?

The primary goal of Swedish massages is to promote relaxation and circulation, unlike some forms of deep tissue massage that digs into deeper muscles and fascia. Our massage therapists will adjust the pressure and depth of your massage to your preference to ensure that you have a comfortable, restful experience while maintaining the aforementioned benefits.

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