Ashiatsu Massage in Austin

Ashi” means foot, and “atsu” means pressure. Ashiatsu refers to the western version of the ancient technique of barefoot message, which has roots dating back thousands of years. The message therapy was commonly used in African, Asian, Indian and Pacific Rim cultures. The therapy basically involves a therapist walking on a client's back in their bare feet. In the treatment area, there are commonly overhead bars, which practitioners use to balance themselves while controlling the amount of pressure and weight applied to the client. The technique involves applying direct pressure to specified trigger points in short or elongated strokes. The therapy might also include hand massage.

Although the western ideology behind the deep massage technique is commonly used to soothe aching, tight muscles and treat spinal issues, the original intent was based on restoring or unblocking the body's natural energy pathways. In Asian cultures, ashiatsu is used as a healing art to reinvigorate chi or to create Zen. In the United States, certified ashiatsu instructors learn anatomy and physiology along with Asian theories revolving around the map of energies thought to flow through the body. 

Ashiatsu Benefits

  • Overall relaxation
  • Alleviation of tension and tight muscles
  • Stress reduction
  • Stimulate the body's natural healing ability

Ashiatsu Sessions

With the client lying face down on a table or other surface, the practitioner stands while holding onto the overhead bars. Using one or both feet, the therapist applies pressure to the trigger points along the back using their heels, toes or an entire foot. Therapists commonly use their feet to apply compression strokes along the larger back muscles and along the backs of the thighs. The arms and neck are treated using hand massage after applying lotion or oil. Ashiatsu massage sessions typically last up to 90 minutes.

Ashiatsu Experience

At Mantis Massage, our clients are directed to private rooms having dim lighting. While undergoing message, we give our clients the choice of listening to music or enjoying aromatherapy. 

The broad, deep compressions applied generally create a sensation of pressure. However, our clients are not in any discomfort and typically do not feel pain. The experience is often described as being similar to a Swedish massage. Along with feeling totally relaxed, our clients often feel more awake and exhilarated following treatment.

Clients of all ages might benefit from the effects of the deep tissue massage technique that offers relaxation and pain relief specifically in the back and hip regions. Choose one of our two Austin locations to enjoy our ashiatsu massage and experience pain relief like no other.