"It Gets Better" Massage Playlist

Often, we need a massage when things aren't going so well. Knotting in the neck and shoulders is a sign of tension and stress, serious injury can bring on bouts of sadness. Sometimes you just need a massage to feel comforted.  

So this week we have the "It Gets Better" Massage Playlist. It includes songs of good times, bad times, and things-are-improving times, to remind us of the fluctuations in moods, situations, emotions, and life. And don't worry! Even if you're not feeling down you'll still be able to enjoy the soft, drony, and comforting soundscapes in this mix.  

Please support these artists by buying their music or seeing them perform.


Another Ballad for Heavy Lids-Stars of the Lid

A Little Lost-Arthur Russell

Creosote-Stephen Steinbrink

The Harvest-Teen Daze

In the Fog II-Tim Hecker

Song for the New Breed-Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Creep On Creepin On-Timber Timbre

When Women Played Drums-White Birds

Beach Baby-Bon Iver

No Bad News-Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Look for Me-Neko Case

Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottages-Stars of the Lid

Ephemeral Vision-Vidna Obmana


Overture-Baby Dee

Better Times-Beach House

Tower of Meaning-Arthur Russell