Really, Really, Really Sad Music


 Billie Holiday by Warpaint

Brand New Manic Brain Holder by Stephen Steinbrink

Lullaby + Exhale by M. Ward

Close My Eyes by Arthur Russell

Dead City Emily - Demo by Marissa Nadler

No One Is (As I Are Be) by Stephen Malkmus

Mother by Low

Crush On by Pregnant

Gone Tomorrow by Lambchop

Girl from the North Country by Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash

Show Me the Place by Leonard Cohen

Here is a playlist for when you're really sad but you're into it; you want to drag it out with melodic music and staring out of windows. And you just cry so delicately and you're so beautiful and you're crying and your tears are so beautiful and SAD. You can ask our therapists to play it during your next session and in the meantime, use it to fuel your melancholy!