Area Woman Hates Everything, Tries Jogging

No one has time for anything—we barely have time to write this blog post—so when it comes to exercising, it’s understandable that it falls to the wayside. You’re married to your smartphone, you’re bending over backwards to be available, you have one thousand familial obligations to deal with, a never-ending list of errands plagues your days, and you and sleep have what could generously be called “a tumultuous relationship”: when exactly would you have time to run a 5k?

Unfortunately, all that stress sweat and overextending yourself that leaves you exhausted doesn’t count as an active lifestyle. You can be busy and engaged constantly but still technically be sedentary. We know, it’s a bunch of Grade-A garbage, but it’s true. This lack of on purpose exercise style moving and grooving is literally deadly.

Allow us to explain this in the form of horrifying statistics: Millions of people die each year from diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and certain forms of cancer that can, in many cases, be prevented. In the U.S. alone, $3 trillion were spent last year on health care. 75% of these costs go toward treating preventable diseases, while only 3% is being spent on preventative initiatives and programs. If that isn’t scary enough, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. There has never been a more important time than RIGHT NOW to bring physical activity back into our lives.

Speaking of right now, registration is open at Million Mile Month! Million Mile Month is a one month virtual fitness event that happens each April. The good people at non-profit HealthCode™, challenge the Million Mile Month community to complete one million miles of physical activity, together as one community, during the month of April. The program encourages people to exercise and log their activity to track personal stats and contribute to the community wide goal of 1 million miles. During Million Mile Month 2015, 20,000+ participants from 13 countries logged over one million miles and 35 million minutes of activity. For the 2016 event, we think it'd be pretty neat if participation expanded. Health Code is hoping to reach over 30k+ participants and hit the 1.5 or even 2 million mile mark- how cool would that be?

Registration for the event at ranges from FREE to $50, and each level comes with different race perks! To make the event even more awesome, Million Mile Month has super cool prizes like new shoes, a bike, gift cards, and fitness accessories, that are given away as a celebration when the community passes MILEstones like 100,000 miles, 200,000 miles, etc. Who doesn’t love free things?

This April, we at Mantis a Massage encourage you to join us in taking on the Million Mile Month challenge. This is an awesome time to stand up against the nation’s health crisis and make a change for good. Register NOW!