Lactic Acid and Muscle Recovery

The soreness you feel after a rigorous workout or a challenging yoga class is actually a buildup of lactic acid that can inhibit performance and recovery.

The body produces lactic acid when you burn carbs for energy. It builds up in the muscles and temporarily restricts movement. This is your body's way of protecting the muscle and ensuring that it doesn't overextend or work to the point of failure. It's helpful. But it doesn't know when it's outstayed it's welcome.

That's where massage comes in! With deep muscle techniques, we get into the muscle tissue and lengthen the fibers. This helps with fascia buildup and muscle flexibility. But it also helps to increase circulation. Lactic acid is also called blood lactate. Unlike proteins, it's not stored on the strands of the muscle but in the blood. With greater elasticity and increased circulatory function, the body is able to efficiently flush lactic acid from the muscles so you can move more freely and improve your performance.