Where did we get our name?

Well, we're almost done celebrating our birthday month. It's been fun! Thanks everyone for coming in and celebrating with us! Remember, there's still time if you haven't made it in yet.

Over the last few weeks, folks have been asking us how things are going. A question that comes up a lot is about our name. It is a bit unusual. A bug. Not exactly relaxing. And let's be clear that I knew nothing about the female mantis eating the male after mating. That's weird. And we got some funny calls.

See, the praying mantis has a reputation in eastern philosophy for being very calm and still. It's a word that makes you think of relaxation. They can sit in one posture for hours. These are all things that follow the classic massage reputation. 

But the praying mantis is also incredibly viscious. They can sit still and grab a butterfly in mid-air and swallow it in ONE GULP! That's intense. And kind of surprising.

We feel like we are kind of the same way. We eschew the whole spa-type relaxation theme and prefer to really get in to the anatomy and "attack" the tension. We're sweet and soft spoken but we can beat you up if you want us to. You'll feel better. We promise.

Kyra Gerhard