Q&A with Mantis Therapist, Laura Ann Gilpin!

Laura is an excellent deep-tissue therapist. She specializes in myofascial release and deep therapy. She's also really cool. And now you can know more about her!
Q What are your favorite things about being a massage therapist?
A The best part of being a therapist is helping people find relief from their pain.  I love to make people feel better and see them leave with a smile on their face!  Everyone uses their body differently, has their own story and history, and so I am constantly challenged to think creatively to address a wide variety of issues.  It's like being an anatomical detective! Every single day I learn and grow through my time with my clients and feel blessed to have found massage.
Q What's your favorite music to listen to when you're giving a massage?
A Lately I have been listening to some great playlists that my fellow therapists created, which are a nice mix of mellow and upbeat.  But Iron and Wine, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Belle and Sebastian, Tycho, Royksopp and Polica.never let me down!
Q Do you have a favorite technique that a therapist has used when you have received a massage? Or what is your favorite area to have massaged?
A I love love love slow deep tissue work that borders on myo fascial release.  Also, Body Mobilization Techniques, which is a fancy way of saying moving a body part around while engaging a muscle to aid in its release.  Like most people who battle gravity with their posture, my neck and shoulders are always in need of attention!  And, of course, as a therapist my hands and forearms need a lot of work.  My legs too.  And my glutes.  And my feet.  Ok, so everything is my favorite.
Q Health is pretty important to you. Where is your favorite place to have a healthy meal in Austin? What is your favorite place to work out?
A Right now my fave place for a light but filling and uber-healthy meal is Beets Cafe off of West 5th St.  It is a great raw-vegan restaurant that makes you re-think the whole cooked food concept.  My bike is my fave place to workout and have adventures!  But I also adore the Townlake YMCA, it is such a fun and friendly neighborhood gym.
Q Do you have a favorite way that you stay active?
A Bikes and dancing!  
Q You're really strong and you do many massages each day. How do you keep up your energy?
A God bless nuts and seeds and almond butter.  Also, breathing is important.  I find if I use Yogic breathing it not only reminds my client to breath through the work, but revitalizes me as well. Never underestimate the power of hydration, either.
Q How do you take care of yourself after a massage?
AWater water and more water.  Drinking it but also soaking in the hot and bubbly variety ;) 
Q What did you want to be when you were growing up? How does that translate to what you do now?
A Like many young girls I was obsessed with Dolphins and the world underwater in general.  My favorite movie was (is?) 'The Little Mermaid.'  My mother asked me at the age of 10 what I wanted to be when I grew up and I replied in earnest, "Either a Dolphin trainer or a Marine Biologist."  I'm not really sure how that translates into what I do now, except perhaps both have an element of caring for or helping the world outside myself and (at least in my 10 year old mind) neither involved spending my life in an office.