Why drinking water before a massage is probably better than hydrating after

"Lots and lots of water for the next couple of days" is something we say a lot after a massage. But it would probably be more effective to tell you to drink lots and lots of water BEFORE your next massage. 

See, water after a massage is pretty effective. It helps the kidneys processs the various toxins moving through the body. It helps keep the muscles nice and pliable. But having the muscles super pliable would be much more useful when we're actually trying to manipulate them!

Has your therapist ever told you that you're dehydrated? How can she tell? Well, when muscles are really healthy and hydrated, they feel like play-dough fresh out of a brand new package. We can really grab on to them and move them around. But if you have kids, you know that when play-dough loses even a little bit of moisture it becomes much more difficult to manipulate. The same thing happens to muscles! We can get so much more done in a massage if the muscles are nice and hydrated.

So next time you're looking forward to a massage, remember to get plenty of water in your system and you might leave feeling even better!


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