Body Mechanics


As Massage Therapists, we know how important it is to maintain good body mechanics while we’re at work.  Using proper postures means that we are able to conserve energy and avoid injury. But using good body mechanics isn’t just important for massage therapists, they are important for everyone!

While you move about your day, whether you’re working for an employer and doing work for yourself to help make life happen, chances are that you’re using your body while you’re doing it!  Unless you’ve somehow mastered telekinesis, in which case I’d like to sign up to be your student.


Especially when we are doing work for ourselves, it can seem unimportant to pay attention to body mechanics, because chances are that we are not going to be working on this same project all day, everyday.  But the truth is, life is happening now! And if you are standing on your head in an awkward twist just so that you can get some asparagus green paint into the bottom corner of your pantry, there’s a good chance you could injure yourself while doing it.  

The basic principles of body mechanics are just not to strain your body, especially not with repetition.  Awkward reaches, unstable stools or ladders, or simply craning your neck to get a better view of your Netflix screen can really add up to unnecessary strain and pain in your muscles and joints.  All of this can be not only uncomfortable, but can actually lead to injury.

So if you are doing something in your life that hurts your body, stop and think, “Is this really necessary?”.  If what you’re doing is exercise, then yeah maybe it might hurt a little even if you’re doing it right. But for just about anything else, it will probably pay off in the long run to stop and get the bigger ladder, to interrupt your Netflix binge to re-adjust your neck, or to pay a professional to paint your pantry.