Massage Services

Our priority is to get you functioning at optimum health. To get you there, all of our massages include a customized blend of the techniques listed below. You and your therapist will work together to find the techniques that work best for you and leave you feeling like each session brings you a step further to how you want your body to feel.



30 Minute Customized Session.....$39

45 Minute Customized Session.....$59

60 Minute Customized Session.....$78

75 Minute Customized Session.....$98

90 Minute Customized Session.....$117

120 Minute Customized Session...$156

Sessions with Advanced Therapists:

30 Minute Advanced Session.....$45

45 Minute Advanced Session.....$68

60 Minute Advanced Session.....$90

75 Minute Advanced Session.....$113

90 Minute Advanced Session.....$135

120 Minute Advanced Session...$180

(Our advanced therapists provide corrective deep tissue work using a customized combination of techniques. While all of our therapists are highly effective clinical practitioners, our Advanced Therapists have more training, experience, and a broader skill set to apply to removing complications in your muscle form and get you functioning at optimum health.)